Agile is a hot topic in today's organizations.  If you or your company has been considering adopting Agile you probably already know that there are a lot of Agile companies out there ready to sell you their services to help you realize the value of Agile.

These organizations employ a cadre of Agile coaches, many who have little real experience working in Agile teams that deliver software.  Agile is a business, a large business, and though you can obtain a whole host of 'Agile certifications; it doesn't make you an Agile 'expert'.  If you haven't worked at all levels of Agile from team to leadership then you have a huge blind spot in your ability to help people and organizations adopt the Agile mindset necessary for real change.

Simply, we think it's important to get coaching from people who have actually worked with Agile in the delivery of high quality software and understand the underlying organizational change that must ensue for long term Agility to be maintained.


At SoundAgile our focus is on helping people learn and master techniques that lay the foundation for successful and effective Agile.  

Look around and you will see that there are many different takes on what Agile should be, but in reality if you focus on some very basic things and if you do them and do them well, you can be successful.

Agile isn't a silver bullet, it won't solve all of your organizations challenges.  In fact when you move to an Agile Product Delivery model it will highlight everything that is inefficient or not working and ask a simple question of everyone, top to bottom -

How will you Fix it?


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