Organizations across the world have been transforming how they develop and deliver software for over 15 years. During this time many organizations have kicked off Agile Transformations, hired lots of people who are called Agile Coaches to help people adopt what we call the Agile mindset.

Most organizations who go through these transformation efforts never realize the full potential of what Agile is supposed to deliver….Why? Because they never started with a clear understanding of why they were going Agile and what they expected to receive as outcomes from making this investment to Agile.

The reasons are many:

  1. The Agile Transformations are considered only a ‘technology’ thing which means the rest of the organization remains unchanged. This keeps your culture from transforming in order to support being Agile.

  2. A majority of the Agile coaches are people who became certified in one of the many Agile Frameworks but have not ever worked in an Agile setting (Developer, Tester, Scrum Master or Product Owner) so they can only coach to what the Framework should do. They don’t have the ability to modify the frameworks to adapt to the specific needs of the organization

  3. The Agile Transformation doesn’t have Sr. Leadership sponsorship or support. Without focus from the highest levels of leadership the value you will receive from moving to an Agile Delivery model will be limited and isolated.

  4. Organizational Change management is not considered a key component of the Agile Transformation. This leads to a lack of clarity and cohesiveness across the organization regarding how to engage Agile to help make it successful, we miss the critical What’s In It For Me communication.

At SoundAgile we have developed a three pillar approach to implementing Agile that deals with all of these Agile Transformation deficiencies and provides a platform to develop your organizational Agile capabilities, we call this:

TAP2 Change 

With TAP2 Change we focus on three pillars to which are critical to the success of your Agile adoption:




With TAP2 Change we will create an Agile transformation roadmap that will deliver the type of high value change that organizations who seek to adopt Agile.

At SoundAgile we know that moving to Agile can be a hugely disruptive process for your organization and by starting out with a Transparent strategy and roadmap which engages your entire organization from the very beginning, will lay the foundation for a successful Agile implementation.

Soundagile coaches are experienced in applying Agile frameworks, integrating Organizational Change Management (OCM) and utilizing Enterprise and Business architecture to drive Agile down into the organization.

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